Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3

Yesterday Mozilla released Firefox 3, and I obviously downloaded and installed it.

Now you can add a new bookmark with a single click, and the tagging feature is really cool, it adds another degree of freedom in the way you organize your bookmarks and let you get what you need in a single click. The smart location bars is quite interesting, as it adapts to user habits and preferences; there's also a "most visited" function, and a quite useful full page zoom. Moreover, it is easily customizable in many aspects.

One of the issues of the previous versions was, in my opinion, the large amount of memory required; Mozilla states that the new version uses a much smaller amount of RAM, but the blogger editor in a Firefox instance and Firefox home page on another one take almost 75MB, so at first sight it doesn't seem much of an improvement (IMHO).

For those who might be interested Mozilla promotes a third Firefox Day, an interactive session in which to learn the new features, know more about Mozilla support and discover how you can make the difference. Support Firefox day is Friday, June 20.

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