Week #1

Assignment #1.4

May 5, 2013

P: Design For You

I need a visual cue that signals me that my phone is ringing when I'm working with my headphones on.
This is a simple sketch to illustrate the idea of a stripe of LEDs to fix on the top of the monitor. I still don't know how to hook on the phone because existing solutions use big boxes and they are obtrusive:

This is a simple prototype, with two LEDs that are not actually connected to the phone. The room is dim on purpose, to emphasize the effect of the LEDs:

Assignment #1.3

May 5, 2013

V: Visual Expression I

This is a sketch of one of my Bontempi Poket chairs

Assignment #1.2

May 5, 2013

My ten gaps

  • A visual cue that signals me that my phone is ringing when I'm working with my headphones on
  • Something that turns off the TV or randomly changes channel when my children get too close to it
  • A way to collect crumbs that does not involve a vacuum and is aesthetically pleasant
  • Something to prevent my chair from spoiling the wall that's too close behind me
  • A way to watch TV resting my head on a pillow, possibly falling asleep, without spoiling my glasses
  • A way to floss without feeling the thread cut through my fingers
  • A solution to catalog my books that lets me know exactly where they are, mixing different sorting criteria
  • A solution to prevent the cats of the neighbourhood from making a mess in my garden that does not harm them
  • A way to keep mice away from the box that is not dangerous for my dogs
  • An authoring solution that helps me write a book, seamlessly integrating sources, drafts, versions, images, credits and so on.

Bonus gaps

  • A lightsaber
  • A working magic wand
  • Star Trek Transporter

Assignment #1.1

May 5, 2013

When I come home I like to chop, slice and dice food. I grew up with quite blunt knives, but some years ago I decided to buy some good ones. Now I really love my Alexander Apollo, because it's very sharp, balanced and it has a good weight, i.e. it's neither too light nor heavy enough to strain your wrist or tire your arm. It allows me to be very fast and I always get very clean cuts. I often sharpen it, and when I do I feel a little bit like a pro :-)

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