Week #3

Assignment #3.2

May 19, 2013

Visual Expression III: two point perspective

Assignment #3.1

May 19, 2013

Exploration: 10 concepts

My gap

In what way might we notice that our phone is ringing even if we cannot hear it?

Primary user needs

  • The Alerter signals that the phone is ringing
  • The Alerter is rather inexpensive
  • The Alerter is safe to use
  • The Alerter is easy to use
  • The Alerter can be installed in different ways
  • The Alerter is unobtrusive
  • The Alerter is cool


I have decided to use a decomposition by user need, as there is only one user action, which is answering the phone, that only happens after the artifact has done its job; the real concern is noticing that there is an incoming call. Of course there is another user action which consists in installing the artifact, but it only happens a very few times (possibly only one) and it is not my primary concern. Also the decomposition by function did not seem very promising, because one function is signaling, which is also one of my user needs, and another one is drawing power, which at the moment seems a bit premature.

Labeled Concept Sketches


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