Monday, December 2, 2013

Google+ gets physical!

Thanks to Davide, some weeks ago I had the pleasure and the privilege of being one of the speakers at the Google Developers Groups DevFest Lombardia in Milano. Being part of such an event, surrounded by many brilliant speakers, is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. I hope I have managed the task, and if the attendees have had at least half the fun I've had I consider myseld more than satisfied (this sentences reminds me a little bit of the parting speech of Bilbo Baggins, so if you find I have not expressed myself clearly enough please assume it was intentional)


The talk presents an introduction to the Google+ platform (thanks to Google for the materials), and shows how easy it is to go beyond social as we know it and bring it to a different level in the Internet of Things.

It was great to meet so many brilliant people, some of which were so lucky to be in Mountain View the following week, so I'm looking forward to the next DevFest!

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