Week #4

Assignment #4.2

May 26, 2013

Prototyping: 3 concepts

My gap

In what way might we notice that our phone is ringing even if we cannot hear it?

User needs

  • The Alerter signals that the phone is ringing
  • The Alerter is rather unexpensive
  • The Alerter is easy to install
  • The Alerter is easy to use
  • The Alerter can be installed in different ways
  • The Alerter is unobtrusive

Concept sketches

The prototypes

A - The Waver

This is actually working, even if the motion is quite difficult to see in the pictures. In this first prototype the servo has been taped down instead of being fixed with velcro like in the sketch.

This second picture shows the motion better, but the sign can not be read. Well, after all we're interested in motion and not in writings!

E - Kitt's Revenge

The LEDs follow the famous pattern of Kitt. Again, the picture cannot show it. Sooner or later I'll have to get a YouTube or Vimeo account...

Again, the prorotype differs from the sketched solution because while it is perfectly possible to tape the artifact on a computer monitor, it gets very unpractical for laptops, that have to be closed and cannot afford anything in between the sides. The artifact has temporarily been taped on the top of the case, but more investigation is needed for laptops.

I - Tutankaphone

The picture is a bit dark because the pyramid is made of paper and even if there are four LEDs inside it they are not bright enough.

Yet, it was very easy and quick to make. I shall investigate on materials.

Assignment #4.1

May 26, 2013

Concept selection - 3 concepts

My gap

In what way might we notice that our phone is ringing even if we cannot hear it?

Selection matrix

This will be a focused iteration, as I will only consider the look and usability of the solutions and not the details of the electronics.

I will explore the following concepts:
  • the waver - includes the use of a servo
  • Kitt's revenge - many LEDS, with an Arduino for ease of use. If the concept holds it will be swapped with a smaller and cheaper solution
  • Tutankaphon - actually many other shapes could do

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