Friday, July 25, 2008

Get in shape

Even if I already am in perfect (though spherical) shape, I'll post some tips as a reminder.

A simple rule is to divide the classical three large (I wish!) meals we're used to into five or six smaller meals; this will raise your metabolism helping you burn fat and will also make you feel less hungry. None of these meals should be eaten just before sleep, as your body will not burn the excess calories. And don't forget breakfast!

Another tip: eat slowly, as your brain is slower than you would like it to be, and it can take up to twenty minutes for it to realize you've eaten enough. A good technique I've succesfully used (and will take back) consists in putting down your fork on the table after each and every mouthful. Hey this also fosters your conversations!

Drink, drink, drink. I'm not pushing you to alcoholism - I'm the last person on earth that would do it - I'm talking about water. Cold water. It helps your body to regulate its temperature and to metabolize stored fat; moreover, it carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and regulates blood flow.

Cut down the calories: you don't need to eat a tenth of what you usually do, it is enough you give up unnecessary junk. Pity many times they're the tastiest things around...

Do not give up carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates are great) and try to eat protein at every meal, as they also help muscle growth.

And now the tiring part: exercise, exercise, exercise. Cardio really helps you, but unluckily you can't do it on your couch. D'oh... I just love the Homer Simpson Style so much...

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