Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

Google has just released the beta version of the Chrome Browser, which I've obviously downloaded and installed; pity there only exists the version for Windows Vista and XP... at least it's open source, so that everyone can get in on the act.

The Google team has prepared a comic book, which you can find here, in which they present the technical choices and the design of the browser.

The first and overall impression is quite good, it seems faster than Firefox but still occupies a lot of memory, even if (and this is good news) each tab has its own process.

The idea of the first page with the nine most visited pages is very interesting, as the shortcuts to the applications; I have got used to Firefox categories and I'm missing them, even if Chrome provides the so-called "omnibox" with increased functionalities. I will explore the different features and maybe decide to change my default... we shall see!

BTW I'm using Chrome to post this entry...

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