Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Another WordPress Weblog

I finally gave up... surrounded by tons of WordPress addicted, I decided to give it a try myself, so I downloaded, installed and configured Apache, php and mySQL (with some pain in the b...ack trying to persuade Windows that extensions really are in the c:/php/ext dir).

Finally I got my installation working, as the picture clearly shows. Now what? well a tour in the administrative pages is due, so... hey there's an import feature! Will I manage to get a local copy of my blog on Blogger? The system says it's supported, so I won't spend time with anything, just gotta try this one. Everything seems fine, wp tells me that I must tell Blogger to authorize my local installation, I do it and... well...

Unable to find the socket transport "ssl"- did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP? (0)

I think you can say you forgot to something when you knew you had to, but no time for details... let's go to php.ini... decomment extension=php_openssl.dll... argh it does not work... stop service, start service... yuck! 0 post out of 146, 0 comments out of 10... Import? Import! Importing... importing... importing... (I got a 44k dial-up, no ADSL on the whole territory)... 14 out of 146... I also get the feeling that the download stops every 5-10 posts or so, but maybe it's my wonderful (...) Internet connection. No need to wait till the end, let's go check the first posts.

Everything seems ok, pictures are imported as well. For some strange reasons Blogger tags are called Categories in WordPress, while WordPress tags seem to have no correspondence in Blogger, but more or less my local backup is growing into shape.

Obviously I won't get Blogger Widgets, but as most of them are javascript supplied by other parties (e.g. the Italian Agile Day Banner) it shouldn't be very difficult to fit them into WordPress.

More on this will follow.

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Wallisson Narciso said...

Hey man, Thank's!
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