Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motivating people

Peopleware is a great book. It says a fundamental thing: people are the cornerpiece of every company. That's good, as it is very important to recognize it, but it is always somehow bad, as dealing with people is one of the most difficult task we have to face. Yet, we face it each and every day.

Every now and then you have to clear the air a little, and this can be painful, but collaboration between people is one of the key factors to success.

As dealing with people is difficult, you have to motivate everyone, choosing the right stimulus for each of your collaborators. And, being your collaborators people, that is damn hard. It is always nice when your professionality is acknowledged, but that can be not enough. Someone wants to feel they are in charge. Someone wants more training. Someone wants a private office with plants. Someone wants a younger secretary. Someone wants an armchair lined with human flesh or a fish tank full with swimming accountants.

Most people think of money as the ultimate resource, but if you think it will suffice... well it won't. Besides, Choosing a job only on money is often a bad choice, as many other factors have a great influence.

That said, no one would be unhappy if they were given a raise.

I surely wouldn't.

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Marsha Petrie Sue said...

Excellent perspective. Money is not the ultimate factor, especially in this economy. I know of motivated employees that have told their employers that they will take a pay decrease to help the company survive the downturn. I would also recommend the book Tribes by Seth Godin. Marsha Petrie Sue