Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Iteration in itinere

For the second time in the sprint - but the first one does not count because we merely cut funcionalities that were not needed anymore - our Burndown chart clearly express what everybody has felt in the last weeks, even if it was unsupported by facts (at least until yesterday): we will deliver.

Once more I'd like to stress the importance of such a tool: we always know what is going to happen, and we can take informed decisions.

As I said, the first big slope is a cut due to a modification of the contract; the second came after most architectural decisions had been tested and taken, just as expected. For this first iteration we choose the part of the system we knew best and that - not by chance - is the basis upon which we will build the whole system. Nevertheless, we mostly focused on architecture, even if we will deliver actual funcionality. The project follows a test driven approach and a domain driven design, and we just anticipated a little more than we needed at the time because we know we will need it within a couple of months (so the YAGNI thing does not apply here).

So the bar is green, our Hudson happily smiles and so do I; first demo next week, maybe more on this after the retrospective.

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