Friday, April 9, 2010

A better programmer?

After writing about it a couple of years ago recently I took the BetterProgrammer test.

It turned out I am not so bad, even if I'm sure there's plenty of room to improve my skills, mostly because the tests also track the time it takes you to submit the solutions; I'm pretty sure my answers were correct, as for each task I produced almost all the unit tests I could think of (before I actually produced my code, that's obvious).

The tests were very interesting and can be used as katas; some of them could also be resolved by brute force, but some knowledge of maths and combinatorics surely helped me a lot in writing faster and more elegant solutions (it hasn't given me a penny yet, but it turns out that getting a University degree with full marks has yielded some results after all).

You can check your results against mine here.

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