Thursday, May 13, 2010

System administrator?

System administrators have a very important role in ICT. It is their responsibility to guarantee a whole bunch of things, from security to availability, from auditing to you name what. They must be respected for their work, which is a hard one indeed.

System administrators also have another responsibility: allow users to do their work. Despite all maintenance work a network might need, when someone asks "where has that network share gone?" I think an answer is due, least it be "mind your own business bwhah hah hah hah!!!". But maybe it's too difficult a question.

Well, I saw that happen. And when finally someone found out (...) the answer was "reboot and you'll see it". Wow, logon scripts at their full power. But wait a minute, why the reboot? conldn't we simply use a network address? I don't think it's classified, even because the simplest net use would tear the veil of secrecy. Anyway... guess what happens after the reboot? Yep. Nothing. Mysteries of ICT. Or are they? Some things really throw me off balance.

Being a sysadmin is not a privilege: they're here to serve everyone else (yes, also the CLs, I'm sure that deep - maybe very deep - in his heart also the great Davide knows it). I know, because I've done it. I only hope I wasn't like the ones above. But maybe some of our politicians are too much of an inspiration.

From great power comes great responsibility.

Thanks Uncle Ben. I wish more people understood that.

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