Monday, January 3, 2011

The Best Way to Use the Last Five Minutes of Your Day

The title refers to this very interesting article by Peter Bregman. The core of the post is clear, and it is the importance of retrospectives, which is well known by agile pratictioners.

The sentence that struck me the most is the following one:

I was once asked: if an organization could teach only one thing to its employees, what single thing would have the most impact? My answer was immediate and clear: teach people how to learn.

It was not the first time I read something like this, yet it was more evident to me because it perfectly agrees with what the Buzans say in How to Mind Map, which I've just finished studying (I should actually say "which I've just begun studying").

This also goes hand in hand with Tom Peters, that says that each organization should work to better the condition of its employees rather than trying to gain success, which is bound to come anyway if they followed this simple rule. He also presents a certain body of evidence, so he cannot possibly have gone nuts. All the contrary.

Is your organization teaching its employees how to learn? If it is, you're a lucky guy. If it's not, you can start looking for another company, or start working on the issue yourself. Or both.

In any case, that's not an excuse: the ultimate responsible for your education is you.

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