Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baboons bash the Welsh

As unbelievable as it might seem, for the seventh year in a row (which means since the trophy was born) the Ingolstadt Baboons won the most important trophy of the Milano Rugby Festival 2011(you got it, we're talking about the Cassie Pienaar trophy, awarded to the team that drinks more beer). The stats report the astoundish number of 350 beers in three days, which was barely enough to beat the Gwent Police team from Wales. And there were only eight Baboons! (no, we didn't count Mr. Zulu)

I'm told there have also been some rugby matches (actually about 150), at the end of which the Cup went to the Clandestinos, who came all the way from Argentina. The Vets cup was awarded, for a change, to the Alcolizzati, that also featured the best player in the category (way to go Luca!).

I hope next year I'll be part of the game: we are already thinking of restoring our old sevens team, the Isotopes (I was 232Th). Of course time passes for everyone, so we'll feature the Decayed Isotopes. Maybe our old grey shirts will be replaced with yellowish or greenish ones. Or maybe not... after all, thorium decays in about 14 million years...

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