Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hard times for reading stats

This year I have no time for reading. I really try, but I can't manage to save myself some time. Up to now I have only read 29 books in 2011, and the last one I finished is a book I started to read in January. What a shame.

On the other hand, I've got my hands dirty in a lot of things, and this partially justifies the stats. I don't see a lot of free time in my immediate future, but I hope this will change. I still have more than 150 books to read, not to mentions the ones that I have not yet registered in anobii.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the 8th of October, not only because it is the anniversary of my friends Katia and Nea, but also because "The Lean Startup", an absolute must have, will arrive on the shelf of my favourite bookstore.

That said... I'll delve into one of the nine books I'm reading. At the moment, the target for 2011 is a modest 36 (exactly the half of last year), we shall see whether I'll reach it or not.

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