Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting rid of HTML tags in a String

Today I found a post which proposes a simple trick based on regular expressions to get rid of all HTML tags from a String:

String noHTMLString = htmlString.replaceAll("\\<.*?>","");

All excited, and test-infected, I hurried to write a simple test:

public void testMinoreMaggiore() {
String instance = "<a href="...">3 è minore( < ) di 4 e maggiore ( > ) di 1</a>";
String expResult = "3 è minore ( < ) di 4 e maggiore ( > ) di 1";
String result = instance.replaceAll("\\<.*?>","");
assertEquals(expResult, result);

Not unexpectedly, the test failed. I couldn't help posting it to the author, hoping he won't see me as an insufferable know-it-all but as a mere proofreader...


David Peterson said...

Erm, hang on, shouldn't you be using ampersand notation (< and >) for angle brackets within the text of an element?

David Peterson said...
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.MOz said...

Actually one should, but the world outside isn't perfect and when I wrote the test I was thinking of stripping all HTML off a page I didn't build... luck favours the prepared :-)