Thursday, August 7, 2008

A new use for Google Maps

Surfing around the web looking for Ajax applications I decided to try Google Maps paying attention to the technical stuff beyond it (want to see the code? try JSView, a Firefox plugin - BTW, I hope that the Google guys obfuscated it, because if that's the way they actually code... urgh! I can't understand anything!).

Anyway, I typed my address, hit the button and bang, the map smoothly appeared under my eyes: wow, awesome! And it is so easy to move around, and the responses you get are so fast! On the left there are additional informations, like pictures of places situated in the vicinity of the point identified using your search string. Another additional information is represented by personal maps, which is a nice feature that enables you to pinpoint interesting places. I saw such a map and decided to check it and... I could not believe it... I'll report an abstract of the description so you can get an idea yourself:

XXX is a 22 years old, pretty, blonde, long wavy hair, likeable, a very easygoing girl. She stands near YYY, under the railway bridge coming from ZZZ, pity she's a little plump.

I entered puzzled mode and went like "Ow, there must be some mistake... let me check this guy's maps..." and in the beginning everything looked fine, some restaurants and stuff, but going on you find a (probably) incomplete list of all the harlots he pays visits (among other things) to... and for each one he provides not only the location but also a brief description.

<ironic mode>Now, that's a service! (pun not intended) if you're looking for new friendships, including foreign cultures representatives, you have another ace in the hole (ehm... pun not intended)</ironic mode>

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