Monday, October 27, 2008

Not all that glitters is gold

Many people keep asking for more responsibilities. Some of them know what that means, others just see the golden side of the coin. Un(?)luckily they will soon find "di che lacrime grondi e di che sangue", which means that "with great power comes great responsibility", and you'll have to expose yourself more than ever, to take hard decisions and to to pay through the nose for them.

Is that so bad? Not at all, but it has a cost you must be willing to pay, e.g. if a member of your team is not behaving as expected and is only a burden and you have the power to throw him off, well, you should do it.

Now... Are you prepared to fire someone whith which you've had lunch each and every day for the last years? I't true that after all they could find a job that better suits their need, and they almost always do, but it's not that easy to step past the line.

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