Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Enough with mobiles!

I am not against technology. I think technology has really improved our life. Internet has opened a whole new universe to a lot of people. Mobile phones and PDAs let you connect with everyone you need almost wherever you are, should you need it. But... do you really need it?

Technology should be an aid, and it should not generate addiction. It looks like people can't help talking on their mobiles, no matter where they are. Even when I got married one of our guests forgot to turn his mobile off. Some years ago, when wireless earphones came out, you could easily spot many (supposed to be) crazy guys passionately talking to themselves, waving and bustling about.

There was only a place where people dared to bear the burden of silence, possibily reading a book, and that was the subway (and only because mobiles didn't work down there). Now this last rampart has fallen.

I think that there's a reason if in some African regions "progress" is translated as "dream of the white man".

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