Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another hard lesson for Italy

As predictable, Ireland showed no mercy for Italy, punishing them whenever they gave them an occasion - and Italy gave more than one. Maybe the final 9-38 is a bit too heavy, but Ireland was way better than Italy, except for the first 30 minutes in which the Azzurri managed to hold the field, thanks to a better organized scrum (this time they had a proper scrum half). In the remaining time Italy showed the will to produce good rugby, but, alas, they did not produce good rugby, never really worrying the Irish team which in turn scored five tries, two of them in the very last minutes, increasing their already remarkable advantage.

Ireland are thus sailing to their objective, while Italy is still making for the wooden spoon. Somebody has already started wondering whether they really belong in the tournament, reminding that economical reasons played a strong role in their admittance. Will they be given the axe?

By the way, I am really proud to say that I have a wooden spoon myself: my friend and teammate Paolo Ragusi gave it to me after our dreadful season against the best teams in Italy when we were both seventeen. We lost each and every match, so I really deserved it!

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