Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wales still the team to beat

After beating Scotland 26-13, with a try count of 4-1, Wales is putting forward all the assumptions for another great tournament. Scotland managed to hold the Welsh for the first 25 minutes, but the end of the first half reported a quite heavy 16-3.

Cross tackling Byrne while the latter was in the air to catch the ball was a good demonstration of why air tackles are no longer allowed; the rule was introduced to protect the jumpers, but this time the worst time was passed by the tackler, who was severely blown by a knee on the head. Beyond the normal recovery time Cross got another ten minutes to recover due to the sin bin subsequent the dangerous tackle.

That was probably the start of the end for Scotland, that could no longer hinder the Dragons whose backs really ravaged, with Shanklin breaking the ice with the first try of the day, followed by the ones scored by Alun Wyn Jones, the rookie Halfpenny and the unfailing and ubiquitous Shane Williams.

A try in the last 10 minutes was all the Scots could scrape together, which is something if you consider the fact that Wales only conceded two tries in last year tournament.

England is now hoping not to be skinned alive next week (maybe Stephen Jones will wear his banana shoes again...)

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