Monday, November 30, 2009

Climbing the ranking

Italy has climbed up to 11th place in the international ranking defeating Samoa 24-6. Unluckily Sergio Parisse could only join the match from the sideline for a serious injury occurred to him a couple of days before the match. That said, the match didn't have much to offer, starting from Bergamasco kicking penalties. Not because of Bergamasco, who even scored, but because he's not a kicker. Is it possibile that Italy doesn't have one? Italy have had no real kickers after Diego Dominguez (who, to cross the t's and dot the i's, actually came from Argentina), and that should really change in order to avoid trashing away all the possessions hardly gained by the scrum, the very same scrum that collapsed the All Blacks even if Dickinson didn't seem to notice it.

I went shopping after the first period, as what I saw was enough. The match against South Africa was a better one, the Springboks perfectly did what every youth coach teaches his children: all the fundamentals, by the book. Simple, yet effective, and a pleasure to watch. Looking forward to the Six Nations, longing for a breathtaker like Wales-Ireland.

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