Friday, November 6, 2009

Protect your children

Reading this article makes me think that I'm probably the only fool that changes his car because it is too small to allow all children seats to be properly positioned...

Well I'm happy to be a fool! When people tell me that I could always have a car crash with a madman running at 160 mph - in which case my efforts would be useless - I always answer that I can't control madmen, but I do have control on what I do. If spending money can save the life of my children, I am definitely going to spend it. I don't care if everyone laughs at me, I'm grown enough to have a mind of my own. And, guess what, I agree with it ;-)

The same goes for allowing people to smoke near me or my family: even though our world is polluted - and I can't control that - if I can spare us just the tiniest bit of crap I will. End of story. Sayonara. Bye bye.

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