Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost got them...

Another defeat for Italy, who lost their home match with England with the final score of 19-23. Another good match for the forwards, a long waited for continuity from the backs, where Andrea Masi played almost every ball; unluckily it was not enough. Possession and territory were balanced in the first half, but Italy almost doubled their opponents in the second half, and only a couple of errors really costed Italy the match. Bortolussi improved his kicking, but Wilkinson showed us again a great skill. Maybe we could have him marry a velina (an Italian showgirl) and persuade him to play for Italy?

As a final note of satisfaction, Sergio Parisse, in his second match as a captain, was elected man of the match.

Mallett was satisfied with the Azzurri performance, and so was I :-) let's hope for the next match... we have too many wooden spoons by now! Wales will be a though opponent, but I'm sure we shall fight to the last breath.

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