Monday, February 25, 2008

If we say it won’t be closed, then it won’t be closed.

These are the words Mallet said after rain was forecast for the clash between Wales and Italy; they regard the possibility to close the roof of the beautiful Millenium Stadium in Cardiff (even if the Arms Park had a whole different charm which I really loved). Mallet believes (and I do believe) rugby should be a game for all weathers, and that players should adapt to any type of condition. Maybe he also believes he has a pack stronger than the backs, and a muddy field would help their game, as the Welsh backs are far stronger than the Italians.

Well, the roof was not closed. Neither the Italian defense was, but it rained tries and points and the Welsh simply run over us, turning the half time 13-8 into an embarassing 47-8: 34 unanswered points. At least we scored a try, but there were too many careless errors. And this Wales is hungry. A nice debut in the Six Nations for young Andrea Marcato who played a good match.

Now Wales is heading for the Triple Crown and for the Grand Slam, with Ireland and France on the way. Are the Seventies back?

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