Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hudson and Cobertura

I've finally managed to setup a Continuous Integration (CI) server (you waterfall people can find a wonderful explanation on CI here). My choice fell on Hudson, a simple but effective server wich can be expanded with a bunch of plugins, which you can also write by yourself. But, being programmers lazy guys, and not wanting to be an exception, I scanned the published plugin list and picked the Cobertura Plugin. After some head-banging on the wall (yes, programmers never read the instructions) I tweaked the right files and had all the system running and configured for a pilot project: now the system periodically updates the local repository, builds the project, injects the Cobertura code ("instruments the classes bytecode" would probably be a better description), runs all the tests and displays the report on test results and code coverage. And if someone has broken the build it sends her a warning mail. Thanks again to Fabrizio for the inspiration.

The next plugin I'm going to try is the Google Calendar Plugin (my most informed friends know why).

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