Monday, March 23, 2009

Another wooden spoon for Italy

France seemed aghast last week, but they recovered pretty soon crushing and crunching Italy 8-50. The first of the seven tries holds Sebastien Chabal's signature: he broke not the first nor the last tackles in the day and scored calmly holding the ball with just one hand (yes, not one arm, one hand).
Some five minutes later Francois Trinh-Duc scored a wonderful try, elegantly sending the Italian defence to a wild-goose chase with a dummy.

Just the time to kick the ball into play and France scored another try. And it went on and on, up to 50 points, only interrupted by a try by Sergio Parisse.

Italy could still compete with England: the former collect wooden spoons as the latter collect sin bins... or at last as they used to, as they seem to have inverted their route.

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