Monday, March 23, 2009

England takes back the Calcutta Cup

Despite they conceded too many penalties, as in almost every match of the tournament, despite Chris Paterson ending the tournament with a 100% kicking record, despite losing Ellies for an injury (luckily evertything revealed to be all right) England defeated Scotland 26-12. Scotland did not have much to show, while England gave away all their possibilities for the championship in the first matches.

And, still, they don't have a real kicker. How I miss Wilko! I hope he'll be well soon. There are rumors about him moving to France, but let's wait for him to recover and see.

And, talking about kickers, isn'it strange that Paterson only seemed to kick the "easy" penalties, leaving all the kicks from the distance to is teammate Godman? Maybe he didn't want to spoil his perfect track?

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