Monday, March 2, 2009

Give me back the 5 nations

With the maximum respect for everyone, but... what's the point, beyond economics? Italy won just 2 out of the last 13 matches, and last Saturday clash was not one of the lucky ones, being outclassed by Scotland 26-6. OK, Scotland did not play a wonderful rugby, but they played rugby. On the other hand, someone else has seen too many matches with Zinzan Brooke. The match really had a bitter taste... even more if we consider the fact that the clash against Scotland was considered the only one that Italy could actually win. How much time shall pass before someone will start keeping Italy at arm's length? Quite a long time, if we only look at the ticket sales. But how many people will still want to go to see such matches?

Well at least there was a very good reason to be there: all the stadium sang the anthem without any instrument supporting voices, and it was really thrilling.

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