Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Embrace Change

Not only the subtitle for Extreme Programming Explained. Changes happen, that's the only thing you can be sure of. Things change, people change, hair styles change (actually I'm quoting here). So we must be open to change.

I've seen POs swap projects, new projects created, weeks of planned work cut, people added to workforce, people cut from workforce, and much, much more in less that a fortnight. Is that bad? it is, if you're lost with no hints. On the other hand, it is also an opportunity.

If you spent some time in serious planning you have a good basis on which you can build your ability to steer the change. That does not mean that you need a good plan (which could now be completely worthless), but that you have a solid knowledge of what's on the table, and that means more information, which translates into a conscious decision instead of a jump in the void (or at least it mitigates the risks).

And let me say that again:

The waterfall model is wrong!

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