Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm still ill (and I don't want to be healed)

Rugby is the most extraordinary disease in the world, and a couple of days ago, thanks to my friend Gigi, I found out (should I need more evidence) I'm still infected.

Tired but happy, I completed almost one hour of touch rugby with many enthusiastic players, some of which really gifted (you can spot them quite easily, even from the smallest gestures). I want to personally thank each of them for the warmest welcome and for the great support. I'm looking forward to meeting them again at the Milano Rugby Festival which will be hold in Cernusco this weekend.

It was great, and it was like these ten years had never passed. Well, they actually have, as I couldn't do all I used to, or all I'd have liked to, but that does not matter. I was there. And I played. I also got a couple of bruises!

The evening went on even better, dining at La Ciotola di Jarop with other rugby players (some of them former rugby players, which, as I already explained, to me means "people who used to play rugby, don't play anymore, but still have rugby in their heart"), owned by Pierpaolo, another team-mate of them. Highly recommended!

And tomorrow will be another great day... el dì del Ghezz!

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