Monday, June 8, 2009

Thanks to all Chickens

El Dì del Ghezz was a truly wonderful event, featuring Chickens from the 40s (some tottering, some still showing their skills, every single one as happy as a child) to the younglings, all with the green and yellow shirt. It was a great occasion to meet many friends I'd lost contact with, either teammates or opponents.

I bet "el Ghezz" spent all day smiling down at us.

Just for the record, the Chickens of the 70s beat the Chickens of the 80s 4 tries to 2 (goal kicks don't count in these occasions), showing that the heart still counts more than age ;-) even if I should say we drew, in perfect Chickens style.

I just played for a few minutes, but they were more than enough to awaken the beast in me: I just can't get enough... and I'm longing for more. Who knows. Up to now, I just can say that my first and last day with a rugger have been in green and yellow, so thanks again to all Chickens.

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