Wednesday, October 27, 2010

InfoQ: Sharpening the Tools

This is a very nice presentation very well led by Dan North. It offers several insights and hints, but I'd like to quote a couple of things.

At a certain point Dan says he doesn't like learning lunches too much, as the fact that you don't commit completely to learning but do it while you're eating somehow implies that education is not important, while it should be part of the job you're (hopefully) being paid for. It is sadly true, yet we have to work with what we've got: it will come as no surprise that I attend all these presentations in my lunchtime, but I found that given the circumstances it's much more effective than trying to reserve a full hour during the rest of the day.

The most important advices are found in the conclusive slide:
  • always assume you're out of date
  • you owe it to yourself to keep current
So... how much do you know what you don't know?

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