Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The power of e-mails

Have you ever noticed how your phone calls that normally fall in the virtual recycle bin are immediately answered when sent in an e-mail of which your bosses receive a courtesy copy?

In a slightly more edulcorate version you could limit the cc to your own boss only, but if she doesn't take the appropriate actions this seems to fail as well. On the contrary, it looks like people don't like their bosses to think they're not doing a good job, thus spreading the impression that their whole department is not doing a good job, leading to the need for them to take action (should a good boss be a good "politician" as well? that's the argument for another post).

I personally don't like this kind of stuff, because I think one should not work just to keep the fan far away from the soup (to be polite) but to create value, both for himself and for the company he's working for.

Sad but true, when you're back to reality and all else fails...

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