Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ignorance strikes back

I know that sometimes I can be hard to put up with. Actually, "almost always" probably pictures it better. But I really can't help it, even if I know I'm fighting a losing battle. Sometimes it feels like getting blood out of a stone.

Now, to quote Wikipedia, SCSI is a set of standards for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral devices. Wikipedia also specifies that it sounds like "scuzzy". But that's only phonetical, as you always write "SCSI". Or do you?

Forgive me for the bad quality of the picture, but this is more or less a stolen image; anyway, to protect the (not so) innocent, no references to the place where it has been taken will be given.

Let's just say that the person in charge for materials also systematically writes badget instead of budget, IP adress instead of address, and that's not all folks.

Am I being mean? Probably I am. But I must admit I can hardly put up with wannabe high horses when they don't walk the walk. Let's face it, I am obviously not omniscient and make many errors as well: actually that's the only way you can learn. But if you want to improve you have to work hard, and I do. As I read somewhere, you might not get all you work for, but you will not get what you don't work for.

If you ever see me doing something like that please correct me; I'll also be happy to be exposed to laughter if that can help me to learn something.


zmaker said...

mitico post!!!!

Rocco said...
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.MOz said...

How could I forget the tuch screen and the evergreen out lok??