Monday, March 10, 2008

Back in black

It's not only the Spiderman saga, but also a description of what's happening to the English team which suffered another defeat by a great Scottish team, which committment and strong defense allowed them to triumph again in their own land. In a match with no tries, an infallible Paterson punished the fifteen of the rose, and Wilkinson, despite his new record that moved the Welsh fullback Neil Jenkins in the second place within the top test scorer list, was substituted. The faces of the coaches tell the whole story.

In a bad collision Balshaw literally broke Rory Lamont's face, and the winger will probably require a surgery even if he's recovering quite well from the concussion. Lamont's action was a very courageous one to do, while I think Balshaw knew he would never get that ball anyway, even if I'm sure he intended no harm to the Scot.

Looks like the Scots have avoided the wooden spoon... or have they? what we know for certain is that next week Italy will have to suffer. A lot.

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