Thursday, March 6, 2008

My baby Hudson is growing...

We are starting a brand new project (er... that would actually be a third rework, as it is an inherited legacy application which had been already reworked twice from a previous group of developers) which will be the first real one on which we shall use a CI server; the selected product is Hudson, which I've tried a short time ago.

Installing on a separate server was a little more trickier than on my machine, on which I already had a fully working and customized version of NetBeans. Anyway, I was able to install and configure a bunch of features, e.g. access control and e-mail notification. I have also installed some plugins, like the Task Scanner plugin and the Violations plugin, configured to use PMD after quite a struggle - at least now I know something more about how NetBeans stores informations about libraries and build variables. More on this, including my temporary selection of rules, will follow.

Don't worry about the many broken builds, the project actually consists of a single class with a test class, and all the errors helped me experimenting :-)

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