Thursday, March 20, 2008

A bad day

What do you call a motorbike with just the side-stand? I think that "a menace to my wallet" is a pretty good description, as yesterday (bloody rotten luck) my Suzuki SV650 decided to take a nap. And SVs don't sleep like horses do, but they want to lie on the floor. So, while I was locking the gate, I heard a sort of a "CRANCK!" and... I will not delve into details, but today my mechanic will be asking me a heap of money for:
  • fixing the top of the fuel tank, which has reported a deep scratch just a few inches down the opening
  • changing the broken gearshift lever
  • changing the front left arrow (but I still have a custom couple from my old GPZ, so maybe this will come for free)
  • changing the left handlebar balancer
and let's not forget the normal 6,000 Km manteinance...

The icy on the cake came yesterday night, when a wasp stung me on the neck while I was training... WTF!!!

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