Monday, March 17, 2008

Better late than never

Finally Italy achieved a victory in the Six Nations 2008, though it's not enough to climb up the table as Scotland has a better point difference - only three, but that's enough. Italy reverted the 10-17 of the first period and Andrea Marcato kicked a drop only 30 seconds before the final whistle and moved the score to 23-20 thus closing the match; now, who would ever suppose to see Mallet in tears for his first victory with the italian team? And... about the wooden spoon: somebody says it is awarded to the last team in the table, somebody says it goes to the team who loses every match; I'm with the latter, so it looks like we've avoided it at last.

Meanwhile, Paterson completed his perfect kicking Six Nations at 100% just like in the World Cup.

England won 33-10 over Ireland; youg Cipriani, picking up Wilko's number 10 shirt, played a very good match - even if I still prefer Johnny Wilkinson; another great performance was the one offered by the Man of the Match Jamie Noon. I am not sure whether this match can change Ashton's future, which I see quite doomed.

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